Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator is a great-looking, realistic game where you can really learn to cook. Basically, you will play as a genius chef who prepares dishes to order. The whole process is very lifelike, you are surrounded with everything you need to a fascinating culinary experience. The kitchen is impressive, it also has all possible equipment. You can use a blender, put a kettle on fire, warm the ingredients in a microwave, wash the dishes in the sink or use a dishwasher, mop the floor up and throw the remnants into a trash can. On the stove, there are all possible saucepans to take advantage of, you can rummage through the cupboards to see what kinds of dishes and containers at your disposal, replenish your supply of seasonings. There is even a laptop that shows the orders and helps you organize your cooking routine. In other words, it’s a dream of everyone who likes to cook!

Your task is to prepare all the dishes in the order list and do it on time. So you can’t afford to just idly gaze around and do things slowly. You have to take care of several cooking stages at once and keep your eye on a multitude of things if you want to make a tasty soup, juicy beef or delicious dessert right when it must be served at the table. The bottom line is to handle all the products and equipment very quickly, and it is advisable not to drop it on the floor. The assessment from the guests who ordered the dish will depend on all these factors. If everything is very good, and of course without delays, the food is fried on time as indicated, no more, no less, and served nicely, your rating will increase as well as the reputation of the restaurant where you work.

And if you think performing all the needed manipulations will go down to simply clicking your mouse to imitate, for instance, cutting and slicing – there is a surprise waiting for you. The result of everything you do depends exactly on how you do it, just like in real life. You take a knife and you control the movement of your mouse to cut off slices of just the necessary size and width. You can cut fruits, vegetables and meat coarsely or finely, in thin pieces or in slabs. The same with seasoning – point where you need to sprinkle salt, pepper or whatever is required, choose a small area and also keep in mind that you have to do it all evenly, visitors love when everything is beautiful. Learn the subtleties of cooking with this great game and repeat your achievements at the virtual restaurant on your real kitchen!

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