Cooking Simulator Cakes

What’s the best way to end a delicious and satisfying meal? Of course, a wonderful cake! A slice of sweet Napoleon, a portion of airy tiramisu, an incredible chocolate dessert – there is a huge number of confectionery products you can pamper your taste buds with. You can buy a cake in the store, but many would agree that the most delicious are homemade ones. But how to make a cake and not spoil anything if you’ve never done it in your life? This great game called Cooking Simulator Cakes will help you with this!

Here you will become a pastry chef working in a large restaurant. Visitors are eager to sample the mouth-watering desserts on the menu, so you’ll have to get sweaty while preparing whatever they order. At first, there will be few orders and they will be rather simple. But as you improve your culinary skills, you will have to cope with more and more complex tasks and moreover, do several at the same time. There will be not a single spare minute in your schedule!

But as a reward for this you will learn new amazing recipes! You’ll discover how to make the perfect brownies, cheesecakes, donuts, and other classic desserts. There will be new Ingredients available to you after successfully coping with another task – you will be able to combine a variety of products from flour and baking powder to fruits and toppings, all a good pastry chef needs. When you feel confident enough to walk away from the recipe, you can experiment with them at will creating your own incredible cakes! And don’t forget all sorts of utensils and appliances to help you along: baking dishes, yolk separators and icing spatulas. And of course, chocolate. Lots of chocolate! Delve into the exciting world of sweets, learn how to make the best cakes and make your restaurant the most popular spot for cake lovers!

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