Cooking Simulator Mobile

Do you think it’s possible to carry a whole kitchen in your pocket and pull it out of there anytime, at any place to quickly whip up a tasty meal? With Cooking Simulator mobile, it is! This amazing game packs the experience of the best chefs allowing you to really feel what it’s like to work in a professional kitchen. In the pantry, you will find a vast assortment of products to cook from, and if you look into the drawers and cabinets, you’ll amazed at the number of stuff that you can use to cut, blend, boil and fry all kinds of ingredients.

But the most amazing thing is how the whole process of cooking is implemented. Everything is done very realistically, it’s almost like cooking in a real kitchen. Of course, you won’t be slicing, whipping and stirring the food with your own hands, but you have to do very careful moves tapping and sliding your fingers to make sure you do it by the recipe. The number of recipe is also stunning, and they will open up to you gradually as you move up the career ladder. Or if you don’t want to wait, you can choose the Sandbox mode and then all the dishes will be available to you at once.

Of course, there will be problems in the kitchen, just like in real life. You’ll be regularly burning meals, dropping products, the equipment will get broken. Then you’ll have to quickly take measures and fix the malfunctioning appliance or buy a new one. There are also skills you can upgrade to make cooking easier for you – for instance, you’ll be able to carry hot pans with your bare hands. There are lot of other incredible features and surprises awaiting you in Cooking Simulator mobile! Discover them right now on your smartphone or tablet!

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