Cooking Simulator Games Play Online

Do you know what the secret of the best restaurants is? Why do people keep coming there, choosing these places for dates and special events, family reunions, or just stopping by for a bite? It’s all about the chef! If the person who runs the kitchen and prepares the dishes knows their job, performs it with skill and, most importantly, with soul – a restaurant like this will never be short of visitors. And if you want to know how to become such a chef – welcome to Cooking Simulator!

Cook just like in real life!

In this great game, you’ll have a wide variety of kitchen utensils, equipment, and more than 140 ingredients from the pantry at your disposal. There are a huge number of recipes: from simple sandwiches to salads with unpronounceable names and a dozen desserts.Is it difficult to cook? Not really, because each dish is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step instructions. Therefore, with due care, you just won’t be able to make any serious mistake in the recipe itself. However, a trembling hand can ruin everything! Glassware breaks easily, bottles of liquids burst splashing over the kitchen. From time to time, you will lose ready-made parts of the meal, dropping them or accidentally turning the plate over. However, nothing prevents you guests from serving a steak that has fallen to the floor, the guests won’t notice, just shhhh…

And the number of dishes you have to cook will keep growing! To somehow cope with the load, there is an upgrade system containing a large list of useful skills and perks. Skill points are opened for each level and provide access to a wide range of enhancements, including increased time for serving orders, cheaper products, higher price of meals, and so on. Perks are rarer, but their passive effects largely influence the cooking process. For example, Potholder allows you to carry hot things in your hands, while Thermal Vision gives you an ability to see the temperature of the food in the oven. That greatly simplifies some aspects and will save you a lot of nerves!

Become a legendary chef or just have fun!

Cooking Simulator has two modes. In the Career mode, the player is given the opportunity to go from a novice cook to a master of culinary. Studying the basics of cooking, getting your hands on elementary recipes, you will increase your experience, and the restaurant’s reputation will grow as well. The number of visitors and the level of complexity of the recipes will gradually go up, so don’t hope it will get easier over time!

Sandbox mode gives you freedom of action. All recipes and ingredients are freely available, you can cook at your own pleasure. Or you can have a little fun and create real chaos in the kitchen: smash plates, throw knives, blow up the oven. But most importantly, this game can really teach you how to cook. Because everything is so lifelike, you can get precious experience in the virtual kitchen and then try the same tricks and recipes at home. Plunge into the fascinating world of high culinary and learn this amazing art with Cooking Simulator!

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